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Argilla 2019 France Aubagne

This was a very interesting event in France. Here are the photos of some of the works I presented there.

Faenza Argilla 2018 Day 3

Faenza Argilla 2018 Day 2

Faenza Argilla 2018 Day 1

3rd November 2017 Schoeftland


20170805 Argilla France, Aubagne

  Novosiolovy, Russia    Bottega...

Ceramics Festival in Oeschgen near Frick

On 20 May we visited the Ceramic Festival in Oeschgen by Frick. The festival is organised 15th time by Ceramic...

Uwe Loellmann Exhibition in the Works

Last week we have been to the exhibition of a creative ceramist Uwe Loellmann. The exhibition is in his own...

02 November 2016 Ceramics

02 November 2016 Gallery Opening